Youth Groups

We have both Junior and Senior Youth Groups. The purpose of the Junior Group is to continue the journey from School to Youth Group keeping the bonds of friendship when moving to different schools. To move forward within their faith, grow within themselves and share life experiences. To be an important part of the Parish, by taking an active role in Liturgy, workshops and involvement in Parish events and allow youthful expression whilst following a moral and faith-based environment. A mixture of games, topics and prayer time for regular meetings, outings, Lent and Advent Penitential, Youth Masses, Good Friday Passion Play, annual 'It’s a Knock-out’ and sleepover to raise funds for charity. Group members input on discussions that are important and relevant to them.

Junior Youth Group is for those in Years 7, 8 and 9. Senior youth Group is for Year 10 and above.

So, if you are in Year 7 or above, one of our Youth Groups could be for you - and you are assured of a warm welcome.

Junior and Senior are now a combined Group.