The Ministry of Welcome

Welcoming is an important Ministry in the Church.

Imagine a friend visiting your home. You will find yourself smiling and saying how nice it is to see them. Imagine their feeling to this welcome you have given them – nice isn’t it?

Similarly, a Welcomer in the Church will greet the people at the door and hand out the Mass Sheet and / or any other leaflet put out for that day. The Hymn books are kept in the church as they are too cumbersome to hand out individually, so parishioners help themselves and generally put them away after the Mass.

A Welcomer should recognise most people coming to the Mass they attend and welcome at, so should there be a visitor or newcomer it is important for the visitor to feel welcomed and to be shown an interest in their visit to our church. Perhaps the Welcomer could offer an introduction to one of the regular attendees at Mass should they require further information.

It is also important for the Welcomer to familiarise him/herself with the leaflets on the shelf i.e. the Form for Newcomers or a Mass Request etc.

During the Welcoming period before Mass the Welcomer/s are required to approach two people to do the Offertory. If the Welcomer is unfamiliar with the congregation, they may ask a regular attendee to suggest whom to ask and to then explain when and what they need to do. Perhaps assist the Offertory ‘volunteer’ at the appropriate time to show them.

A Note from the Welcoming Organiser

I’ve been Welcoming and organising this Ministry for some years now and through greeting I have come to meet many new Parishioners. At first, I did not know many people, and this was a bit of a challenge especially when trying to remember names – not always successfully – though in time and if the opportunity arises, a chat after Mass over a cuppa helps. Newcomers could be shy so help them to feel at home and introduce them to your friends at Mass. Volunteering as a Welcomer is a great way to know your parish and become a part of parish life. There is always a need for more Welcomers so if you can spare the extra time to be at Mass at least 20minutes before Mass starts please get in touch either by asking a parishioner whom to talk to or by e-mailing the Office to ask how to get in touch. N.B. the bonus of arriving early is there is generally parking available outside the church. 1st February 2020