Five Year Plan for the parish of St. Thomas More, West Malling.
  1. Responsibility for sacramental preparation – baptism/first communion/confirmation/marriage/funeral co-ordinator and bereavement support.
  2. donate8 – aiming for 75 people donating total of 600 hours annually.
  3. Financially sound accounting - balancing the books. Revenue budget to balance within 5 years.
  4. Establish pre-school building with no outstanding debt. Fund raising to cover shortfall.
  5. Maintain church and house buildings to current level.
  6. Re-establish a functioning parish office, once pre-school vacates building.
  7. Maintain congregational levels. Engaging parishioners in community through area groups/donate8/parish groups. Mass attendance spreadsheet. Parish survey – we listen to the parishioners.
  8. Strengthen area groups. Continue to build using Advent and Lenten masses and promote welfare and friendship support within the groups.
  9. Communication, celebrating and thanksgiving for our community achievements through Parish magazine, Festival, or regular feedback at masses from Fr Peter and layperson.
  10. Succession planning – identify and train. (Already in progress through donate8).
  11. Sponsor charitable project when funds allow. Must provide feedback to parish.
  12. Maintain and build on links with other churches in our area.
  13. 5 year plan aims and objectives to be reviewed and evaluated on a regular basis.