Donate8 - Volunteering for your Parish.

What is Donate8?

Firstly, the good news is that Donate8 does not ask for money - just some practical help!

Donate8 is a volunteering scheme which asks for help in the day to day running of the Parish without the need to attend meetings and committees. Tasks needing support are often simple, such as small maintenance jobs, ironing or window cleaning and parishioners are asked to volunteer 8 hours of their time each year to help.

Tasks and needs are advertised on the Donate8 noticeboard in the Church porch and weekly newsletters and we ask parishioners to take a look, be inspired to get involved and then fill in a Donate8 card and post in the red box, all of which is situated under the noticeboard.

The volunteer is then contacted by one of the team to discuss how and when they would like to donate their 8 hours - all in one go or in several stages - whichever is most convenient.

Anyone can take part in Donate8, by doing so we are all helping to secure our Parish community's future and we can only do this with your help.

Don't wait - Donate8!