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PRESENT: Fr Peter, Elaine Hook, Dee and Peter Avery, Steph Blackburn, Paula Thornton, Ian Butler, Ana Wild, Shelley Cornish, Ruth Trant and Jenny Barrow
1. OPENING PRAYER: Fr Peter opened the meeting with prayer.
2. APOLOGIES: Margaret Holme
The minutes from the meeting on 13th September 2017 were accepted. Elaine reported that although someone had undertaken to produce a fundraising progress candle for the church, it hadn’t been done as yet. However, Mrs Vloothuis has agreed to do this. Elaine said she and Ian Butler were preparing an account of the building fund and running costs which would be issued in January.
Mission Appeal Weekend – this had gone well; the priest had visited lots of people and had fitted in well.
Children’s Harvest Workshop and Family Mass – all went well although attendance could have been better. The pre school harvest mass went well and they brought gifts to go to Pilsden and Margate.
Confirmation – the preparation day was really good and the youngsters took part willingly. The cakes provided by parishioners were really appreciated. The confirmation service was held at Bearsted and really brought the deanery together. Our candidates had made their presentations to the parish.
All Saints and All Souls – All agreed that the display of lilies in the church was really beautiful, together with the list of names which these represented. Congratulations to the flower ladies. The morning mass was really good and approximately 30 attended the evening Mass. Attendance was very poor for the All Saints and All Souls Mass at 12 noon and this may be scrapped next year.
Remembrance Sunday and Deceased Priests Mass - The priests who attended commended the flower ladies for the beautiful floral arrangements. Approximately 30 had attended the deceased priests’ mass and Flora had provided accompaniment for the singing. Fr Peter thanked people for support of the deanery which was moving forward positively. He reported that there were several meetings planned and consideration was needed as to how to help the south Maidstone parish. At present Maidstone parish office are taking emergency calls and anything related to weddings and funerals will be dealt with by Fr Peter. The two new priests at Maidstone have settled in and a Polish priest will be staying on for a further year, although he has to return to Poland for one weekend per month. The priests at Aylesford are covering the 10 a.m. Sunday mass at south Maidstone. Fr Peter said he will draft a letter to the diocese regarding the arrangements in summer and this will be discussed at the December meeting. He will continue to be acting dean until at least February next year.
Eucharistic Congress – No-one has expressed an interest in attending as yet. The last such congress was held in 1908.
Advent & Wreath Making – The wreath making workshop will be held on same day as the school/parish fayre and it will take place in the church from 9 to 11 a.m. Ana will put a note in the newsletter. Action: Parish office
Dee will contact the school about wreaths. Action: Dee Avery
The advent masses and penitentials in school have been sorted. The adult penitential will be on Friday 22nd December at 7.30 p.m.
Parish and School bazaar – Help will be required on the day and donations needed for the parish hamper, which will contain red wine. A box will be available in the church porch and parishioners requested to donate £2 each. A note will be put in the newsletter. Action: Parish office
Church Christmas Cards – These have been produced and are in the sacristy. They will be put in the porch for delivery the weekend of 2nd/3rd December.
Advent/Christmas Masses - House Masses will be in the newsletter. The weekend Masses will be at 5 p.m. on Saturday 23rd and 10 a.m. Mass on Sunday which will be the last Mass of Advent. Christmas Masses will be the Children’s Crib at 4.30 p.m. on Christmas eve; 6 p.m. Vigil Mass and 11.30 p.m. Vigil of Carols followed by Midnight Mass. There will be a Family Mass at 10 a.m. on Christmas morning. The flowers will be done on Saturday 23rd and the Christmas workshop from 10 to 11 a.m. On 26th December St Stephen’s Mass will be at 11 a.m. Peter Avery will check which Eucharistic Ministers are available to conduct Communion Services from 27th to 29th December. Action: Peter Avery
There will be no confessions on Saturday 30th December. Masses will be at 5 p.m. on Saturday and on Sunday 31st at 10 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. On 1st January New Year’s Day Mass will be at 12 noon. Epiphany will be celebrated on Sunday 7th January with the kings’ procession. Candlemas is the weekend of 3rd/4th February with a Mass in school on Friday 2nd. The youth group will prepare the Mass for 5.30 p.m. on Sunday 4th February. Ash Wednesday is on 14th February.
Date for Parish Meeting in January 2018 – Wednesday 31st.
Fundraising – The cocktails evening is planned for Friday 8th December. It had been agreed to request donations rather than set a fixed amount. The amount of £950 has been raised from the 100 club.
Building & Maintenance – Ruth has spoken to the surveyors about the parapet which is leaning. She will get a quotation from Gransden and another construction firm. It was suggested that we write to the diocese and request to be relieved of the cost of maintaining the priest’s house which is a parish responsibility. Ruth reported that the fire risk assessment from Precision is unsatisfactory. Ian Butler reported that at present the parish is meeting Precision’s cost for the Bishop’s house as well as the Priest’s house. He has written to the Diocese about this but has not yet received a response. Simon Garrett-Tuffney had completed all the CCTV and lighting installation. He had also agreed to paint a yellow box to show where not to park in front of the gates to the Bishop’s house. It was agreed that Peter Avery should get him a bottle of something as mark of appreciation. Action: Peter Avery
Finance – Ian Butler is preparing an account of the stable block finance and history. He said that the estimate of £85,000 was about right. Fund raising had been good and it is likely we could repay the second parish next year. He agreed that allowance had been made for work on the parapet.
Pre-School – no report.
DPC – discussed under Review – Deanery and Diocese.
Health & Safety – Ruth said that first aid training was available and she was waiting for the office to suggest dates suitable for office staff, Fr Peter and other volunteers. Action: Parish office
Catechists – reported that there are 25 children enrolled for first communion. They had had two meeting with parents so far.
CTIM (Malling) – Margaret had sent in a report covering carol singing on Saturday 23rd December at Tesco Larkfield from 11.30 to 12.15 and the Aylesford Parish Church festival of angels on Saturdays 9th and 16th December. The week for Christian unity will take place from 18th to 25th January 2018 with the service in our church being held on Monday 22nd January at 7.15 p.m. There had been a presentation about Counties UK and information about this was circulated.
(Snodland) – Fr Peter reported that there would be a meeting in January. Their united service will be held on 21st January at All Souls at 3 p.m.
School – there had been a one-day Ofsted inspection on 13th September and the school had maintained their ‘good’ status with the inspector noting many areas of strength. Year 6 pupils had received CPR training. All KS2 pupils had taken part in an orienteering and teambuilding experience at Wide Horizons Activity Centre, Wrotham. Their charitable activities continue and they are currently supporting the annual Operation Christmas Child shoebox appeal.
Safeguarding –Shelley reported that she was still the person for group leaders to contact regarding police checks.
Mother Teresa Group – Dee reported that their last meeting will be on 6th December at Spadework with a penitential before it.
Children’s Liturgy – Steph reported that this was going well.
Youth Groups – Paula reported that they had had a very good trip and the group had really bonded. They are holding a sleep over on Friday 1st December to raise funds for Porchlight. Paula offered to take a wreath making kit for them. There was a query about whether donations to Porchlight could be gift aided and Paula said she would enquire. Action: Paula Thornton
Baby & Toddler Group – they are still looking for someone to run this.
Area Groups –the advent masses have been organised. West Malling & villages had held a successful cheese and wine evening.
Donate 8 – Sally and Adrian reported that a volunteer had offered to clean the priest’s house windows and this had already been started. They plan to put up a new display in the church porch in the new year.
8. A O B: There would be discussion about the Sunday evening mass in January. The imminent birthday celebrations were discussed (after Fr Peter had left the meeting) and Elaine said she was organising a card for all parishioners to sign. The youth group will do the bidding prayers at the 5 p.m. mass on Saturday.
9. The meeting ended at 9.40 p.m.
1. Advent & Wreath Making – The wreath making workshop will take place in the church from 9 to 11 a.m. Note in the newsletter. Action: Parish office
2. Advent & Wreath Making - Dee will contact the school about wreaths. Action: Dee Avery
3. Parish and School bazaar – A note about help needed on the day and donations for the parish hamper will be put in the newsletter. Action: Parish office
4. Advent/Christmas Masses - Peter Avery will check which Eucharistic Ministers are available to conduct communion services from 27th to 29th December. Action: Peter Avery
5. Building & Maintenance: Peter Avery will get Simon Garrett-Tuffney a bottle of something. Action: Peter Avery
6. Health & Safety – Ruth said that she was waiting for the office to suggest dates suitable for office staff, Fr Peter and other volunteers. Action: Parish office
7. Youth Groups – Paula offered to take a wreath making kit for them. Paula said she would enquire whether donations to Porchlight could be gift aided. Actions: Paula Thornton (2)


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